Back To The Roots – Eco Discovery Project How To Live Better With Our Nature And Ourselves

For long time i am dreaming of this project, I have put all my mind and body to it. the past year after ending my bicycle trip was kind of a booth camp for it. I have lived in various places mainly in Mexico and also in U.S.

Spent lot of time on the road and mostly i lived in the country side, close to nature, i spent many days of hiking, wild camping. working with plants, making handcraft, learning Spanish and building a dark room.

I am traveling in Mexico to find different villages and communities that have knowledge or consciousness about how to live in better harmony with nature and documenting this knowledge.

Mexico is a connection between two worlds the the super modern advanced world and the old rustic world and it contains both. While living and traveling here the past year i have discovered many ways that are forgotten, the aim of this project is to bring them to light with images and Technics i have learned and continue learning.

This project will be curated in an e-book that will contain the different methods everyone can imply in their life even if they live in the city. I believe the information in this book is important for everyone to know and use so the book will be distributed online for free, the goal is to let everybody earn from this information.

In the near future i will publish a crowdfunding campaign to support the project, but at the meantime i need all the help possible to keep running. Offering open edition prints for limited time use this link: PRINTS SALE and the coupon code: DISCOUNT to get 20% off. The coupon is valid only for 15 days.

possibility to donate directly to the project via PayPal, there is no too small contribution. Even $1 donation is appreciated and will be rewarded with a personal thank you email. So please add your e-mail in the small note section.
Donations of more than $30 will be rewarded with a personal thank you letter with a small gift delivered to your address, so please add your mailing address in the note section.

another way you can support is to share this post in social media, their are links at the top left side of this post. Or use this links: Facebook, Twitter.

The aim is not to go back leaving like in ancient times, exactly the opposite, humans developed technology and machines to make life easier and more simple, we have internet cars and airplanes that help us learn and move faster and further, But we tend to forget where all this materials are coming from, we could keep using and consuming only if we learn to respect our mother nature, there is a way to enjoy what we accomplished and still keep our nature clean and blooming.

traveling with a small 35 mm film camera is relatively light way and creates a connection less intimidating and in the level of eyes with the people i am documenting, also going back to the roots of photography is correlated with going back to the roots of humanity which is what this project is all about.

Help me make it happen! It is not my project it belongs to everyone.

Thank you.

Traveling light, my gear while on the road.

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