End of the bicycle journey

Its been a long time since i posted on the blog, it was interesting and fulfilling period of life. Sometimes it was confusing, so i didn’t publish. New York to Alaska has Changed to New York to Patagonia, then i got an invitation from a dear friend who lives in North Carolina to spend the summer there ( its winter now i am back to mexico without the bike, but that is for another post ) After lots of doubts i decided that is the best thing to do, its a lesson that planning and travel are not good friends. I felt saturated with the bicycle trip and accomplished everything i have expected from a journey like that and much more, it was an exciting and intense period of life full with tons of experiences and encounters that taught me so much. So i traveled with bicycle from New York city to Mexico city. Seven months of living on a bicycle. I know it might look like i change my mind a lot, but my original destination – Alaska, was a random decision, because “you have to have a goal/destination!” do you? I knew from the first moment that i don`t see the destination as a must reach, rather the journey was my real goal/destination. The second destination – Patagonia, came after my decision to explore south America. I still want, and will, but i will not continue using a bicycle as a the only transportation.
Don`t get me wrong, bicycle are great means of transportation on a bicycle the world turns bigger then it is. The pace is slower and your progress on the road as well. You get to feel the areas you are riding at on a deeper level.
I am very grateful for the chance i got to explore a part of the world in that fashion, I awe a big thanks to many great people, that stopped me on the road and invited to there home, contributors of the crowdfunding campaign i did, thanks to all the journey became what it was and a great pleasure and a great adventure, but time has come to do other things.
Bicycle trip can be very addictive, People will admire what you are doing. Its a great boost to the ego. everyday is an adventure. you can eat what ever you want and still lose weight. there is a lot of freedom in this kind of travel, if you are living simply, cook for yourself and do wild camping like i did, even your dependency of money is almost zero. The only thing you have to do when you wake up in the morning is to ride your bike.
I wish in the near future to share through this blog more of my experiences, insights and progress on the road. Stay tuned.

© Oren Nahshon