Preparing for a bicycle journey, I bought a new 29″ mountain bike for a road trip i kinda spontaneously decided on while i was in the United States. Had no idea about bicycles not even how to fix a flat tyre. Those accidents of life made me argue with my boss and leave work and also the apartment that came with it. This made me look for a place to stay, i ended up finding the farm of Ana and Charlie in a town called Elkton in northern Maryland, so i stayed for a low rent in a Yurt for three weeks. This was my time for preparing and gearing up for the trip. The great bonus of all was that Charlie traveled across the U.S with a bicycle few years back and had lots of experience with bicycle, so lucky for me i got a few lessons about bicycle.
Purchasing a 29″ mountain bike with aluminium frame and knobby tires is not the best choice for a journey like that, but i am writing now in retrospect, and i did travel with this bike around 7000 km from New york to Mexico city, so it was not such a bad option as well. Along the road i learned many things about bicycle and bicycle touring it was a great journey.