The Villain Is Always In The Next Town – What People Will Say out of Fear and How Not to Miss Visiting Amazing Places Like The Streets of New Orleans

While crossing the U.S on bicycle i have met tons of great people, very friendly and welcoming, one thing i have noticed while talking to some of them, they had fear of traveling, some of them never left the state they live in or even the town they were born in. They were so surprised that i am cycling alone across their country planning to reach places that they will probably never go to. Even the ones that do travel always warned me about different places. “don`t go there it is dangerous” , “there are lots of bad people in that place”, “don`t stay out at night in that place” etc. My route passed through those places that they warned me about, and they words could embed some fear in me.

Yes, you have to be aware, there are bad people everywhere, but staying home out of fear, or not going to the most incredible places of this world because they have bad reputation, you could lose the most incredible experience of your life.

The place people warned me the most about is New Orleans, some people even said you cant enter the city on bicycle which is totally untrue, the law in the U.S give any kind of vehicle the right to use the road, so people could travel. Yes there are transportation rules that for example prohibit a bicycle from riding on interstates, but there is almost everywhere an alternative road, which usually is more interesting and passes through some nice small towns. In some states and situations bicycle are allowed on those massive interstates cause there is no other option. You just have to learn the rules.

Anyway there is more the one option to enter New Orleans on a bicycle.

I have spend a wonderful 2 weeks in New Orleans meeting amazing people, enjoying the reach culture listening to great music enjoying great foods.

And about security, yes there are bad people out there, but not going out because of fear of someone hurting you, hurts you already. Go out see the world.