The Robbery All Is Lost

It was a beautiful afternoon, i slowly reached a town called Rio Verde. I was already 5 months on the bicycle journey. I developed this kind of attitude that i will not meet any bad people on the road, i have angles protecting and guarding me, and it was like that.

I stayed on the streets after dark with the bicycle, usually i would look for a camping spot out of sight many hours before, but i was a bit careless that day.

At 9pm after having a nice fish on a street restaurant i decided its time to find a place to camp for the night, i started cycling out of town looking for that place. I had to look quite a lot there were not many options. Too much light. Too many houses around. Eventually i compromised on an orange plantation which was dark enough. I decided to pass the night there and leave before sunrise. So i did.

In the morning i woke up early packed my things and the bike and stood on the road near by brushing my hair, when a car from of one of the ranches passed by. The farmer and i greeted each other hello and started talking. My Spanish back than was almost zero, but we spoke for around two hours anyhow. At the end he invited me to spend the coming night at his workers house which was few hundred meters from there in the middle of empty fields. Since i wanted to spend another day in the town near by i took the offer and said i`ll be back at around 4 pm. He mentioned something about the workers being big drinkers. I said i do not mind.

At 4 pm i returned finding the workers half drunk and bit suspicious about me, although he called them in the morning telling them i am coming, after a short investigation they invited me in and said they want to buy some beers. We went together to the shop and got some, returned to the house and started drinking when they always making sure i will have a sip and another and another. Although i am not a big drinker i have good capacity, but by 11 pm, 7 hours later i was well drunk, well danced and very happy. They had all my confidence.

It was the happiest day of my life, a real Mexican fiesta, with common people. My tent was ready. I was tired and ready to sleep.

I was sitting on a wooden chair. Alone in the dark there was no electricity in the farm and the surrounding was kilometer of fields in diameter . The workers went somewhere and said they`ll be back in a few minutes. I was super calm knowing soon i will go to my tent and rest well until the morning.

Then a man with a bandanna on his face and a machete in the hand approached fast and angry walking shouting words i did not understand toward me waving the machete behind me and smashing it in the wooden rustic table in front of me breaking a glass vase were standing on it. The machete nearly touched my shoulder and the sound of the broken glass were a big wake up call.

I jumped on my feet, and said “hi amigo que pasa” he replied with more shouting and bad words i did not understood. Because of the mask on his face i could not recognize if he is one of the workers i was hanging out with that day or someone else. There were  three people there all the time, but every once in a while friends came and went so i was not sure who was this guy.

I decided not to check. The fact that he was face covered, super angry nearly cutting my head with a machete and the other three were not around was enough.

I started running like hell. leaving everything behind.

After a few hundred meters i noticed two persons are running behind me in the dark. I managed to pass a fence and then i faced back at them, the guy with the machete was holding my phone shouting more and more words i did not understand. for a second i thought maybe i could grab the phone ad least, so i reached to grab it, i felt safer since the fence were separating between us. He swing the machete towards my hand and only my reflexes saved my hand from a big cut from the machete.

We are not friends anymore. and it is best for me to get the hell out of here, i said to myself so i ran again, i ran about 3 km until i found a corn field to hide and pass the night.

My heart my mind and all my body was super rushed, i could not get a moment of peace to realize what just happen and what to do.

I could not sleep, i was cold wearing only a shirt and pants, no tent or sleeping bag. All my things were left behind. The bicycle, the clothes, everything. Luckily i had my documents and wallet with me. So for a few moments i played with the idea of hitchhiking all the way just like that. It was a very freeing moment. Total freedom. When you have nothing you have nothing to lose.

Just before dawn i decided to go back. I found a stick and returned there ready to fight.

I really wanted my bicycle back.

I sneaked in back to the farm, knowing i might put myself in a very bad situation. I didn’t care, i also was curious to understand what happened. These people got all my confidence. They were common farmers, hard working downtrodden people, not the people i am hanging out with usually, but i`ve  found the softness and goodness and had a great fiesta with them. We became best friends for a few hours. What happend?

When i entered the farm i found all the things as they were, the tent was still set up, the bicycle, the only missing was the phone and an harmonica we played and danced with during the evening.

I took everything quickly and discreetly and left to town, i had to rush and change all the passwords, because my phone was unlocked.

After a few hours i was still curious. I wanted to know what happened what has changed. I returned to the farm with the bicycle, seeing the workers from about 100 meters. I shouted from a far i did not want to approach. They were 5 and i alone.

They were not happy to see me to say the least and from their body language i understood they will not accept me with flowers.

I turned back never to see them again.

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