Three Years On The Road

Time passes, no one can stop it. More then three years since i made the decision to leave everything i knew behind. Quit my job, sell all my belongings and start a journey. Saying 3 months i will return to the same routine. The 3 months became 6 months of journey in Israel my home land. Going back to routine never happened. After another 6 months trying to go back to routine, subletting and moving between apartments in Jerusalem every month in average i found myself in India crossing the country back and forth.

Since then i have visited, Nepal, Egypt, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, U.S.A, Mexico and Guatemala. Not so many countries considering more than 3 years of travel. i discovered slow travel is more interesting. another post to come about it in the near future.

Many people i met on the road were inspired by the way of my travel, so one of the goals of this blog will be to give more inspiration and ideas for those people and others like them, like you.

The road is a great teacher. While on the road you have to make decisions, right or left, stay or keep going etc. a small decision can change your life forever. There are no wrong ones, they are all part of the journey.

The first night of the journey i decided to hike in the Judaean desert crossing it from Jerusalem to the Dead sea. The second hand (or fifth, i don`t remember, probably fifth) car i just bought for the journey broke down days before departure, i had to leave it in the garage to replace the gear system, this decision made the beginning of the journey very special. Adjusting to a problem and just walk. Simple way to make things happen.

Walking alone in the desert i met Uda, (in the picture bellow) a Bedouin shepherd who invited me to spend the first night at his very modest camp place and share dinner, he also gave me direction on where to find natural water source in the next day, saving me extra 10 km of unnecessary boring walk to the next civilization point.

I made it to the Dead sea in a couple of beautiful sightseeing walking days, what can you ask more for a beginning long journey.


© Oren Nahshon

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